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Business Storage

At Ashley’s Self Storage, we have business storage units that fit both large and small business needs - whether you’re a corporation, small business, or community organization. Our storage units are perfect to store your paperwork, inventory, seldom-used tools and machinery, and other commercial equipment.

Best of all, compared to typical commercial space, renting a storage unit from Ashley’s Self Storage is cost-effective. That’s how Ashley’s Self Storage helps both large and small business owners save money throughout the year. More importantly, at Ashley’s Self Storage, our easy and affordable month-to-month leases give your business the flexibility that directly helps you drive profits. For example, is your supplier offering huge discounts, but you need to take delivery on 3 months of products with no place to store it? That’s where we can help. Reduce your inventory cost by purchasing in bulk and store the excess inventory with us. With month-to-moth leases, save even more by only renting the space you need as you sell your inventory.

We have non-climate controlled units and open and enclosed parking that are perfect for any business model, which means we can store anything you don’t have room for in your office or business parking lot. Our business storage solutions are perfect for:

Other advantages of using a storage unit at Ashley’s Self Storage include:

Unit Sizes & Prices
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